UX Design - Why It’s Important to Your Business | Wave Interactive

At Wave, we have countless resources that show you why aspects like UX Design are important when it comes to your customers and how it helps your website, or content, thrive. But, there is one topic we haven’t covered yet – why UX is important to your business as a whole.

We aren’t talking about increased clicks or making graphics easy for your audience to read, we’re diving deeper into what the true business value is when it comes to focusing and implementing a UX strategy for your marketing campaigns. And, as 2020 gets off to a great start, this is just one other thing to add to your list of “Things To-Do This Year”.

Cutting Costs

We’re all looking to save a buck or two, and this is especially true if you are a business who is just starting out or looking to take full advantage of that new budget of yours. UX design helps in this way by creating a streamlined process that helps you utilize your resources to cut both time spent and the cost of work.

To accomplish this, you have to understand the process of what this type of design or development project would look like. Here are the steps:

  • Prototyping and mockups. These help to get the ball rolling. Creating many versions of the same concept helps both designers and clients collaborate with ideas and pick a final version that truly speaks to them.
  • Editing. In the world of design, the phrase, “a little goes a long way” is truer than ever. Once you have a few great picks for a design (let’s say top 3 or 5) you can edit, change, and combine elements to make the perfect end result. However, this also means having a careful eye and edit down just enough to make it both functional and beautiful.
  • Testing. Before you go live, it’s all about testing like crazy. By browser, device, and more, you should be actively trying to see if you design breaks to ensure you have all your bases covered.

These three simple steps help to eliminate any extra work and resources that may have hindered progress in the past. Now, that isn’t to say that this is fool-proof. Things happen, but this is a great first step to ensuring your team is both on track and saving both time and money.

Increased Profits

Think about the last time you visited a really great site. Or, the last time you needed a certain service. How was the performance? Did the look, feel, and functionality impact your purchase decision? More than likely the answer is yes.

That’s because it does make a difference, and a huge one. How your site looks and operates can be the breaking point to whether your audience converts or not. So, what makes these conversions easier to get leads? Here’s a quick list:

  • Call to Actions. These can be links, buttons, or even forms. Whatever action you want the person to take!
  • Customer Journey. There is a “rule of thumb” in digital marketing when it comes to websites – nothing should take more than 3 steps to accomplish. If you have this process set up in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand (how to get from one to another) you will be successful.
  • Engagement. Even if you don’t have many call to action items, the functionality of your site should create engagement. Meaning, your audience should look at your pages and want to explore them by clicking through the site and learning more through your content.

These things, and others, are some of the key ingredients you need to ensure that the site you provide is helping to solve problems and focus on solutions for the customers. This formula will help you increase conversions, leads, and, ultimately, profits if implemented correctly.

Want someone to show you how it’s done? See how the UX Design team at Wave can help your site work for you!