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We’ve talked design trends. But, the trends change and things that were once popular don’t always stick around (low-rise jeans, anyone?). That’s why, instead of talking trends, it’s time to provide some helpful design tips that will actually help your site no matter what industry you happen to be in.

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Your site navigation is everything (yes, everything). This is how your customers move around your site and find information that is important to them. You need to be using your site navigation as a way to create a journey for your audience. Where do you want them to go? What experience do you want them to have? But, here’s the thing, figuring out what works best for your site visitors isn’t always the easiest thing to do. The solution – testing and experimenting.

Your site’s navigation is one of the best opportunities to take design to the next level. Some great experiments and changes you can make include:

  • Icons
  • Patterns
  • Hover effects

Website Content

Obviously what you write on your site matters, but how you decide to lay everything out can matter even more. If you have lengthy paragraphs or weird breaks, your visitors won’t want to stick around to read the great things you have written. Be sure that spacing, font, and the organization makes sense. This helps the reader flow through the content and pages in order to help them gather as much information as possible, and be more likely to convert.


From scrolling, to GIFs and more, adding some animation to your site can help make the user experience that much more memorable by adding eye-catching visual effects to captivate and engage your audience. These types of animations build a long-lasting impression while illustrating inimitable connections. While certain elements can also work to demonstrate both skill and sophistication to potential customers.


In past articles, we’ve talked about videos a few times. So, why do we keep bringing it up? Because video is that powerful. We’ll put some video stats below if you don’t believe us, but your site needs video. This not only help demonstrate your design skills, but also brings forth a new level of engagement while providing great information in an easily digestible form.

Beyond this though, adding in background videos can help take your site to the next level. This creates an extra element rather than just a boring static image.

Video Stats:

  • 83% of marketers believe that video is growing in importance
  • Digital video advertising spend has increased by 53% since 2016
  • 72% prefer video over text when learning about a product or service
  • Video will account for 78% of mobile data traffic this year

There you have it, 4 design tips that we’re sure can help your site be a step above the rest. These tips aren’t centered around dying trends, instead these are aspects that can truly increase engagement and conversions with the help of adding in some extra “umphh”. Check out how the design team at Wave makes this happen everyday for our clients.