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WAVE works with a variety of individuals and organizations that bring a more diverse offering, playing a pivotal role in expanding our reach and increase the quality of our offering. We have working in conjunction with these groups on strategy for a variety of industries.

PACIFIC is on a mission to understand what makes your customers curious about what you sell. They then, transform brand stories into compelling and informative “search stories” which leads them to you. They are the Discovery agency that focuses on where your best customers are in both the digital and the real worlds.

A true connector, Julian has worked in enterprise sales and customer relations for the last 20 years for General Electric, Aviture, Union Pacific and more. Currently Julian is focused on the financial sector in investments, business strategy and long term planning.

Educated in Advertising, Design, Screenwriting & Filmmaking, Jonathan Tvrdik has spent the past 15 years telling stories and directing experiences through all manner of media. Now forming the Tvrdik Group, a brand consultancy, he works to build brands for success in the connected age.

Router Ventures is a true collaborative force that leverages authentic, strategic relationships to advance driven founders and their audacious goals beyond their communities. We are not bound by geography – nor are our partners. Securing the most effective resources, wherever they may be, is what we do best.

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