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User Experience Design

A visitor’s experience within your site can make all the difference. A lack of optimized design and content can mean a drop off in traffic, engagement, and, most importantly, conversions. That’s where our team of designers come in. With expertise in user experience and interface, WAVE ensures that your site visitors are well taken care of.

User Research + Testing

We begin by understanding the landscape in which your business operates. Through strategic and informal processes, we take an in-depth look at your brand, your marketing, your customers, your competitors as well as whom you are not reaching and why.

Brand Identity + Design Systems

Brand is a voice, a look, a feeling. WAVE’s approach to brand is comprehensive, bringing together logo marks, colors, fonts, iconography and photography styling and the rules to keep it consistent for internal and external ambassadors.

Logo Mark

Call-to-action elements

Brand Attributes
Mission Statements

Core Values
Custom Personas


WAVE believes the form, function and the aesthetic quality of a design need to remain in balance in order to achieve the most beautiful and effective user experience. We believe the purpose of design is to engage users, evoke a feeling and create the opportunity for your audience to take action and convert. Design is not only about look and feel, but also about behavior. We merge creativity and functionality at their highest levels.

Content Development + Curation

WAVE works to assist our clients to determine an effective content strategy and the best plan for implementation to help you tell your story and illustrate your brand.

Print + Packaging + Environment

Complementing your digital strategy with effective brand implementation is realized through the use of print and environmental installations. Additionally, packaging needs to create a solid shelf-impact both on commerce sites as well as in traditional brick-and-mortar environments.

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