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The site architecture is an important first step in the implementation process. WAVE’s engineers, designers and strategists work in conjunction with internal teams, 3rd party vendors and executive stakeholders to architect the solutions you need. Our process allows for a 360-degree view of a project and our architecture gives us a contextual understanding of everything that needs to be addressed.

Our site architecture showcases:

• User journey: how we want the user to flow from the landing pages to the subsequent pages
• The breadth of content that will exist along with content display options
• Various conversion points and outcomes on pages
• Navigational structures and levels
• UX/UI wireframes showing the elements for each page type
• Functionality suggestions along with hierarchy
• Content recommendations

Journey Mapping

WAVE strives to understand your users’ point-of-view and will then use the user’s experience as the foundation of the journey map. By understanding how your customers think and feel as they interact with your brand across the multiple opportunities provided on the website, we work to meet their needs and exceed expectations. We provide a plan for engagement and conversion.

Complex Problem Solving

WAVE’s clients solve problems that allow us to identify new opportunities. We assess, strategize, map-out and implement solutions where you need it the most. By solving these problems, WAVE clears the path for new business growth and innovation. Learn more about our Technology/Implementation expertise.

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