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Website Analytics That Speak to You

At Wave, we understand that in today’s society, your website is the cornerstone for attracting your target audience. To accomplish this, we take data and reporting seriously. How your site performs reflects on your company brand, user experience, authority, and most importantly, how trustworthy of a business you are – that’s why we focus on what matters.

Within every monthly KPI (Key Performance Indicator) report, you will receive tailored metrics customized to fit your specific goals.

This may include:

  • Organic Search Metrics
  • User Engagement Metrics
  • Conversion Metrics
  • Audience Demographics
  • Ranking Trends
  • Visibility Distributions
  • Modeled Traffic
  • Keyword Performance
  • …And more!

It doesn’t stop there. We aren’t a one-stop-reporting-shop. Our team of marketing professionals work together to provide you with insights and recommendations on what you can do take full advantage of this information. To site copy adjustments to optimization opportunities and beyond, here at Wave we set you up for success.

Measure the data you need, capture more robust ROI, and make better marketing decisions to help propel your business forward.

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