3 Reasons Customers Are Turning Away From Your Site | Wave Interactive

You just finished a site rebrand, or your first site build – congratulations. But, something’s not right… It’s been months, you’ve promoted, have great traffic, but the customers just aren’t there. Little to no leads and, when you look at the data, bounce rate continues to increase. What’s the deal?

For some companies, especially those in popular niches or B2C industries, getting traffic isn’t the problem, it’s getting them to convert. But, why is all of your traffic leaving and what can you do about it? Below, we’ll be discussing the 3 simple and main reasons why you may be turning off customers and what you can do to counteract these mistakes.

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SSL Certification

Let’s break it down, what is a SSL Certification. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server. This means that any data the customer puts into your site will be scrambled and more difficult for hackers, etc. With this addition to your site, you are basically saying, “Hey, I’m secure! You’re safe with me!”.

How to get a certificate: This usually has to do with your site hosting platform. Most will have this included in the monthly/yearly domain package, but not always. You can tell that your site is secure by seeing “https://” at the front of the domain. This should be the case if you have just started your site. However, if your site is old, this could cause some confusion as the normal “http” is a completely different site. This means redirects and possible migration steps may need to be taken.

Speed Optimization

Speed optimization is so important. Between this and mobile, your site needs to be built for the future. In fact, you may remember our article about mobile planning where we discuss speed. Long story short, it’s becoming more of a concern as attention spans shrink and technology gets more advanced. Long gone are the days of dial-up *cue that modem sound*, now your customers want information almost instantly.

What to do: Well, it’s pretty simple. All you need is a speed tool like Google Insights and a developer who really knows their stuff. Or, better yet, you can contact the optimization team at Wave to see how we can take your site up a notch overnight.


This last quick fix is also something else we have mentioned a few times – CTA (or, call to action). Basically, generate ways to actually keep your customers on the site and moving through the pages. Point them in the direction you feel they should be headed with the help of links, buttons, and even popups. If your site is just covered in paragraphs of copy, this could be a simple solution to really hone in on getting those conversions.

Tip: Not sure where your traffic needs to be headed? Take a look at your buyer journey for your industry. Do people look at products and services, or do they look at pricing first? This differs even by business and what your goals are. Next, look at your behavior flow within Google Analytics (we recommend look at 6 months or more of data). Does this reflect what you want? If not, note the pages where they are landing and strategize how best to get them to the page you want them to.

It’s true that really digging in and finding out how to get your customers to stay on your site can be confusing, tricky, and time consuming. However, the 3 strategies we’ve mentioned today are simple wins to help your site. You would be amazed at how much of a difference a new button, or image compression, or even a secure platform can make for the everyday consumer.

Already tried these and still need help perfecting your site? Look no further than the development team at Wave. We can help optimize, expand, and manage your site for you.