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Like with any industry, the true definition of marketing terms, especially complex ones, can sometimes get skewed. And, different aspects of everything that marketing entails can be all clumped into one category. Take SEO (search engine optimization) as an example. Did you know there are actually three different types of SEO? Furthermore, not every SEO marketer specializes in all three.

Crazy, right?

Well, in order to set the record straight, in this article we are focusing on the two that get confused and combined the most – on page SEO and off page SO. Below, we’ll be diving deep into what each of these mean and how you can use them to set up your website for success.

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On Page SEO

First thing’s first – what is on page SEO? Put simply, on page SEO consist of all the different aspects that have to do with your site. Mainly, this is usually focused on content and user experience. This is where you would usually ensure that the journey through the site and the copy your provide is easy to understand and navigate for both your visitors and the crawler bot.

This includes things like:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Header Structure and Hierarchy
  • URL Structure and Hierarchy
  • Alt Text and Any Other ADA Compliances
  • Speed Optimization
  • Linking

Overall, great on page SEO should focus on creating the optimal experience for the visitor. What content should be placed where and what pages should be linked together? Additionally, thinking this way helps better understand how search engine crawlers read your site. Is everything structured correctly? Are related pages connected so the bot knows what topics belong together? And, so on.

Off Page SEO

This is where things can get a little confusing. Off page SEO consists of a few different aspects. However, in layman’s terms, it mainly revolves around the authority of your site. This means backlinks. Now, we’ve talked about backlinks before. They aren’t easy to come by, but the quality of these links are great for creating this authority which is a ranking factor that Google, specifically, uses to place sites on the results page.

So, if generating backlinks is so hard, what can you do to get the ball rolling? Well, here are a few tips:

  • Start by creating great content. What you put out onto the web is the first place to start because this is what people reading – this is you! No one wants to link to an article that’s 300 words of the same thing they have read everywhere else. No, they want researched and well written content that provides stats, quotes, etc.
  • Take advantage of social media. Not only is it free and a great way to connect to you audience, but it also helps your content reach fresh, new eyes. This is how people can share, respond, and even link back to your article.
  • Do the dirty work. This is the “not-so-fun” part of backlinks – outreach emails. Crafting the perfect outreach email is a whole other topic that will get covered at a later time. Right now, it’s important to just know that this is a tactic that lots of experts use. If you see a journalist, vendor, or even freelancer who writes about the same things as you reach out to them! Share your article or resource and ask if they would be interested. It never hurts to try!

So, now you know the difference. Next, be sure to realize that in order to have true success you can’t have one without the other. On page SEO and off page SEO need to work together so that your rankings and traffic will continue to increase.

If your site is lacking in either (or both!) of these, be sure to check out Wave Interactive’s Optimization services to see how we can help you!