Peggy Zier - Wave Interactive

Peggy Zier
Managing Partner
Creative/Web Strategist, UI/UX Specialist

Peggy has over 20 years experience in web technologies, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design and over 25 years experience in brand and graphic design. Peggy has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients in many industries including real estate, entertainment, retail and education.

Peggy’s role includes coordinating the various team members and their ideas then translating wishes, needs and objectives from our clients into an effective branding and web strategy. This includes working in conjunction with the WAVE team on creative development and execution in marketing, brand, web and print as well as content creation, internal work flow, seo, conversion optimization and usability.

Peggy’s history of employment includes being Creative Director at Waitt Media and as a Designer at NBC, Conde Nast Publications Vogue Magazine and as the Creative Director of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. She enjoys bringing creative ideas to live through technology.