Digital Marketing Trends Headed into 2020 | Wave Interactive

Digital marketing is changing now more than we have seen in quite a few years. Just to give a few examples, new apps and technology mean customers are interacting in new ways, Google had 3 huge core updates this year that changed the SERPs forever, and privacy or transparency continues to take priority for most businesses. But, that’s not all there is. So many elements of digital marketing have taken a left turn, and for the better.

Below, we will be covering a few top trends coming in with the new year to help you better understand where your focus should be and how you can take advantage with strategies of your own.

Digital marketing trends for 2020 will include:

  • Better data quality and analytics
  • Messaging through new and improved apps or bots
  • Understanding and implementing the impact of voice search

Better Data

Technology gets better, and data is no different. As much as we are against conspiracy theories, it’s true that you are able to know more about your audience than ever before. Demographics, interests, site pages they visit, and so much more as now at your fingertips. And, 2020 just means even better analytics for you to check out.

Studies found that data accuracy from foot traffic attribution vendors increased up to 70% accurate when tying mobile devices back to households. Imagine what you could do with data that helped you better understand your audience’s behavior or even location and buying habits. It’s here and it’s happening.


If you’ve been following marketing tech for awhile message and chat bots are nothing new. Almost every “good” site has some form of bot that users can communicate with to get questions answered or even appointments scheduled. These tools also help collect data on what is most asked, and basic information on the users who visit your site. This benefits your company in two ways: by automating tedious and time consuming tasks, and easily gather data into your systems.

Check out these chatbot stats you should know:

  • 40% of millennials say they chat with Chatbots on a daily basis
  • 53% of people are more likely to shop with businesses that they can message
  • Chatbots can save up to 30% in customer support costs
  • 35% of consumers want to see more companies using chatbots

Voice Search

Voice search has been on the rise for years, but with new advances (did you know Amazon came out with an Alexa for your car?!) it’s time to finally get on the bandwagon and understand what you need to do to optimize for voice search. Note that this won’t be the same for everyone, and your business may not even fit into industries that voice search would be used for. That’s up for your team to research and decide on.

Also, know that this strategy works best for mobile, local, or very specific question-based queries. By using long-tail keywords and focusing on being informative while providing quick and easy answers, you can work your way into being featured as an answer for someone’s search.

These 3 digital marketing trends are sure to help with your 2020 strategies. But, they aren’t the only thing you need to be successful, they’re just a small slice of the delicious pie. To see what other things you need to be ready for check out some of our other content at the Wave Blog!