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We all need a little inspiration every now and then, and design inspiration especially. No one is immune to the “creative block” so it’s important to follow others (be it a person or company) who both inspire and help get the creative juices flowing again.

Here at Wave, we encourage research, mood boards, and the like in order to help our designers, writers, and strategist be on top of the latest trends. So, we reached out to our Creative Director, Katy, to get her input on some of her biggest inspirations. We hope these are able to help you through the design funk like they help her. Let’s take a look!

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Pentagram is an independent design firm that is shaking things up! They focus on graphics, architecture and interiors, exhibitions and installations, and so much more (really, the list was pretty long!). To view samples of their amazing work check out their Instagram!

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After an extended run @DesignMuseum, Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition has finally closed its doors. ⁣ Designed by @Marina_Willer and team (with William Russell Architects), Stanley Kubrick was the most-visited show @DesignMuseum so far, attracting 169,000 visitors. ⁣ Design Museum Director Deyan Sudjic commented: “Stanley Kubrick is the Design Museum’s most successful exhibition in terms of ticket sales, visitor response, and critical reaction. As a curator, it was hugely satisfying to work with the Pentagram team on the design of every aspect of the show. ⁣There was a real meeting of minds on how best to tell the story of a great filmmaker, in a way that impressed those who knew everything about Kubrick, and delighted those who didn’t.” ⁣ ⁣ #StanleyKubrick⁣ #ExhibitionDesign⁣ #ExhibitionGraphics⁣

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Neil Secretario

Neil is an amazing (trust us) letter-artist and graphic designer based out of Atlanta. He focuses on custom logos, fonts, and more for his clients which have included Lionsgate, Mikimoto, Penguin Random House. Take a look at his Instagram to get a feel for his unique left-handed style of lettering!

Jessica Walsh

Jessica is the founder and designer for AndWalsh. She focuses on aesthetically appealing graphics, animation, and print design that gets plastered all over her amazing Instagram page. She runs a team full of creatives who are always pushing the boundaries and looking for the next best thing. See for yourself!

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In my personal opinion, if you don’t like someone on the internet, just unfollow them. I am not saying we shouldn’t hold ourselves/others accountable and challenge people’s opinions or behaviors that are problematic. If people do something offensive, it can be productive to engage in a healthy dialogue and give constructive criticism. However hating/trolling/messages that simply tear down people’s entire being and self for slip ups or mistakes or for sometimes nothing at all (successful women get this all the time especially) seems so unproductive & cruel, and a waste of good energy. Ive found its so much more productive to use that energy towards creating the work or ideas or projects you wish to see in the world. I’m exhausted these days of watching people on the internet assaulting other peoples character or “canceling” people or tweeting hurtful assaults without knowing or trying to learn the full context of the situation. While there are actually real forces of evil out there and much bigger battles we should be fighting. It’s as if the internet is just waiting for the next person to pounce on to pile on their own shit and baggage in the form of hate messages, to feel better about themselves. Everyone goes through shit and hard times and personal battles. It doesn’t matter how successful or happy someone seems or how many followers someone has on the internet you never know what’s going on in their personal life or how tough they have it or what they are going through in one moment. I personally really hope moving in to 2020 to see more empathy and kindness in how people treat each other on the internet. This is not in response to one event just many things I’ve witnessed this past year that make me feel sick. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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Design Lad

This 3D illustrator and animator is based out of the UK and takes “out there” to a whole new level. They focus on creating bold, bright, and colorful work that makes you think outside the box while also focusing and tying to one, simple idea. You can see more of their crazy and thoughtful creations on their Instagram!

Hey Studio

This design studio is the talk of the town in the home country of Spain. With the use of bright, bold colors and geometric shapes, they easily set themselves apart from the rest. They use this aesthetic to focus on creating fresh brands, conceptual communication campaigns, and unique illustrations. Be sure to check out their Instagram!

Sharing is caring, and that’s why we wanted to give you some Wave insight. But, this isn’t all there is. There are great designers everywhere (Pinterest, Instagram…) who can help ignite the spark once again. And, if you post as well, you can do the same!