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Teamwork makes the dream work. You know that, we know that. But, are you actually practicing it? Many talk the talk, but walking the walk is a whole other story. In fact, most companies still suffer from siloed departments and an overall lack of connecting. Nowhere is this more prevalent than when creating a website. And, two of the most important departments involved in this process (design and web development) can suffer the most.

So, how do you ensure that your departments are working well together? We’re taking a look at 3 key areas of focus you need to be aware of when it comes to creating top-notch collaboration.

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This can mean a few things:
1. Making sure you are up to date on trends that have to do with each other. What design or web development “best practices” are you able to implement? How have these changed year to year or even over the past few months? Knowing this makes it easier to understand and collaborate for projects.

2. Working together. Most developers and designs work from inspiration. This is a great opportunity to come together and decide on an idea that fits the project you are currently working on while also finding what works best for both parties.

Here are some research tips to take into account:

  • Define what you need. What are the shared goals and objectives?
  • Know what to search for. Don’t sit down blind, discuss what you need to find and how you plan to find it.
  • Record what you find. Even if you research separately, be sure to document everything that might be useful to the other person.
  • Know when to reach out. You are working with others, so if you run into issues be sure to reach out to the other departments as well.


There’s not a cool saying about how great processes are, but there really should be. The steps you take to accomplish something to complete a task can help make it easier… or more difficult. It all depends on how these processes are created. However, for the most part, outlining what should be done and when can help these teams work together better and more efficiently. And, we all know that means more projects.

How to create great processes:

  • Do the task
  • Write down what you did and how
  • Structure everything into a step by step process that can be followed
  • Break down big tasks into smaller steps
  • Pass it around and ask for edits


Communication is key in any relationship, and the workplace is no different. Having no communication, no feedback makes things difficult but also means that tasks may not be getting completed correctly. This has its obvious drawbacks, but more importantly, this means that your teams aren’t on the same page. This can cause friction and just overall lack of employee happiness. Instead, here’s how you can make communication thrive:

  • Find time to connect
  • Make sure some of it is face to face, this helps other people feel important and validated
  • Be honest and helpful in the feedback you provide

By using these tactics you can help ensure that your teams are working together to help create better sites and focus on projects as they come. Want to know how the Wave team works together? Check out what the Wave Experience looks like!