Complex Technology Integration You Should Know | Wave Interactive

Integrating various technologies, external third-party services, databases and system languages to run your business on the web is becoming more and more common. As companies mature technologically, they often require bringing together multiple technologies and vendors to complete a task online. Whether is it online e-commerce with inventory management, bill pay, call-center integration or ticketing, Wave Interactive has the engineering expertise to bring together many differing systems.

Call Center and Accounting Integration

A large national company has a highly customized back office inventory and accounting system as well as a national call center housed at company headquarters. They needed to show real-time inventory online for immediate purchase as well as integrate simultaneously with the call center, showing dynamically displayed numbers for tracking purposes. In addition, all customer email communication needed to be integrated with a third party email vendor while still passing dynamic data specific to each customer’s purchases.

To support these objectives, we discovered the various options available for integrating all external systems. We then fulfilled the following tasks:

  1. Using a supplied number database, we dynamically displayed telephone numbers that were based on the web customers method of entry (such as keyword or campaign).
  2. Cached data from the back-office accounting and inventory systems to improve the customer experience
  3. Integrated dynamic promotion capabilities on individual products, extending the capabilities of the existing inventory system

Customized ‘Buildable’ E-commerce Integration

A virtual computing client needed a custom e-commerce solution allowing customers to build virtual systems on the web. Once built, the custom system could be ordered and paid for right in the browser. Once ordered, the configuration needed to be sent to the client’s back-office systems in order to initiate the configuration of the newly ordered system. To solve this problem, Wave Interactive did the following:

  1. Met with the various teams within the client’s organization including sales (to discuss the online requirements and pricing), and the technical team (to discuss how we would integrate the purchases with their existing back-office systems)
  2. Once requirements were established we built the widgets necessary to allow customers to dynamically build and price these virtual systems
  3. Upon completing a secure purchase, we created a custom integration that alerted their systems to the purchase and provided detailed information regarding the system configuration

Fully-Customized Ticketing with Select Your Own Seat Options

A performing arts organization needed to integrate their customized ticketing systems to their website, allowing performances and productions to be displayed as well as for individual seats to be purchased. We researched the methods available to us for integrating with their ticketing system. In addition, we met with the various groups within the organization and determined what data needed to be augmented on the web. We determined where additional text or images needed to be added to the information provided by their systems when displayed on the web.

Wave Interactive accomplished this task with the following steps:

  1. Wrote custom code to automatically cache the ticketing data from the back-office systems as heavy user load occurred during certain ticket on-sale events
  2. Augmented ticketing data where appropriate with content-managed data to provide the user with a fuller site experience
  3. Designed and built a customized ‘select your own seat’ interface that did not use flash or other limiting technologies

Flexible and Dynamic E-Commerce Integration

Many clients need a simple yet flexible and secure method for receiving online payments for various products and services.

For these clients, Wave Interactive can deploy our form builder solution. Form builder offers clients the following advantages:

  1. A dynamic form that can be easily modified by someone with no programming experience. Fields can be added, removed, re-ordered and changed from a simple content management interface.
  2. Form builder can be connected to a payment gateway, allowing the client to securely accept credit and debit card payments for various products and services.
  3. Form builder can be utilized for a broad range of products and services from online donations to registration fees, even merchandise.
  4. As a completely integrated solution, the “thank you” message and email sent to the purchaser can be easily changed and customized by the client to fit the needs of that particular form.

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