Common Design Mistakes to Avoid | Wave Interactive

“Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days…”, and the same can be said for designers. Whether you’ve been behind the screen, clicking and sketching away for years or just weeks, chances are you’ve messed up a time or two. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone) The good news is, you aren’t alone. Especially when you first start out or eventually get swamped with client requests, the small details can pass you by and you inevitably slip up.

At Wave, we know that it’s tough to remember every detail of what needs to be done before finally sending your design off to the client or printer. That’s why we’ve put together a fun little list of design mistakes everyone makes that you need to steer clear of.

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  1. Embarrassing Bleeds. Just because it looks right on the screen, doesn’t mean it will once you finally hit that “print” button.
  2. What’s in a name? No really though, are you naming your files well? Be sure they are straight forward and explain what it is.
  3. Oh Photoshop, how we adore thee. But, in all honesty, sometimes you need to stay away from editing a picture too much. This is especially true when it comes to filters, or when trying to cover up resolution issues.
  4. Ever get an angry email from your boss, or worse, client about something that is spelled wrong? That’s why things like spell check and proofreading are so important. Remember to read, read, and then read again!
  5. Wait, doesn’t this look familiar? Looking at too many other designs before you start creating causes you to sometimes not be able to come up with anything original because your mind keeps going back to what you looked at.
  6. We mentioned resolution before. But, seriously, use that 300dpi!
  7. Printing? You better be using CMYK. We’ve seen it before – you’re on a roll making a great design. But wait, the client wants it printed. Not changing the color scheme over can be detrimental to the look and feel and your creation.
  8. Use vector. Need we say more?
  9. Don’t get attached to your designs! Chances are, the client wants edits and lots of them. So, don’t get too attached. Usually, the final version you use looks completely different than what was first created.
  10. Word of advice, when sending clients design options, throw in one you dislike. Chances are (9 times out of 10) that’s the one they choose. Go ahead, try it.

If you’re a designer, you’ve probably made some of these mistakes in your past. But, that doesn’t mean you can learn, grow, and move on. Need some help with your designs? Check out the design team at Wave to see how we can help get you on the path towards success!