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Picture this – you have a new client who needs a total redo with their site. It hasn’t been touched since about 2013 and there are a lot of things wrong as far as design, optimization, responsiveness, and more. You’re starting basically from scratch and are going to need the whole team in on this one. That means SEO and web development are going to have to work hand in hand. But, have you set these departments up to be able to work together properly?

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Why it Matters

You might be thinking, “Why do they have to work together? Web does their thing, then SEO can jump in at the end. Simple as that!”.

Not true.

The important thing to understand when it comes to SEO and web development is that they have to work side by side throughout the whole redesign/creation process. You see, there are certain aspects that each of these departments bring to the table that can help them generate a site that is set up for optimal success. In fact, not having them work together as the project happens could mean extra work on your end.

Think of it this way, SEO is able to understand how your site reflects onto your audience (with the help of design, of course) and search engines. These are the two players that site needs to attract. Web development is the team that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together to create the final product. And, along the way, these two discuss back and forth about what makes sense to implement.

You need Google Analytics added, how possible is it to add in coded forms, what about meta data and ahref… the list goes on. While SEO might be able to point out and fix some of these, it’s important that your web team is involved as well so that they are all able to ensure that any necessary changes are implemented properly and in a cohesive manner.

“These two departments feed and grow off of each other so that your site and business can be showcased at its very best. It’s a win-win.” – Stevie Howard, SEO & Marketing Manager

Working Together

Now, it’s understanding how these two need to work together. So often, even in the modern workplace, there are siloed teams that don’t really communicate with each other. This can cause issues all over the board, however, SEO and Web Development are probably the most impacted.

The solution – create a process.

Get the team together and discuss what a working, functioning site creation process would look like. What steps should be taken first? Should there be weekly check-ins? What works best with everyone’s working styles? And, don’t forget to have the design team in on this too. Most likely, they will be helping with the look and feel of the site so it’s important to understand where they fit into the process.

In order to really get this new process down, it’s going to take communication – and lots of it. If you have a chat system (Slack, Google Hangouts) be sure to utilize it. Make an effort to keep all parties involved well updated and accountable. Notice someone is slacking on their part of the project? Ping them a few times and ensure that, if they are struggling, you adjust project timelines, etc. Not only is this important as a way to keep your team on track, but can also keep you on good terms with stakeholders.

If you work in an agency, truth be told, all your teams should be on the same wavelength. This helps with ideas, creativity, accountability, and other collaborative efforts that result in everyone working their very best. SEO and Web Development are just one piece of a huge pie that needs to be properly aligned. However, their connection is also the most important. In order to ensure that your team and site are on the right track, see how the experts at Wave create an experience and process that is unique to us.