A Guide to the Best Features on SEMRush | Wave Interactive

If you’re in the SEO or marketing industry in general, most likely you take a look at your website quite often. But, is it performing as well as it could be? In order to find out there are tools out there called “crawl simulators”. These tools crawl your site much like a search engine would and note any issues, glitches, or areas of improvement that you should be aware of.

At Wave, one of our favorites to use is SEMRush. Not only is it an easy to understand crawler that categorizes site issues by priority, but it offers ways to track, enhance, and research to really make your site, and marketing strategy, stand out against the competition.

Below, we’re highlighting some of our favorite aspects of this versatile tool and displaying the best ways for you to use them yourself. Let’s get started:

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Site Auditsemrush example

This is the basic of the basic, but there’s so much good information here! By running your site through the crawler (you can customize your settings as well), you can easily access errors, issues, and any warnings you should be aware of. Then, for better understanding and to provide a metric that may be beneficial to stakeholder, they give your site a score out of 100%.

These crawls can be run weekly, daily, or just once. We recommend weekly as that gives your team time to fix any major problems before the next crawl is done. That way you can see your progress happening in real time!

Position Trackingsemrush tracking example

Other tools such as Google Search Console may help when it comes to knowing what keywords you are ranking for, but SEMrush helps to take that to the next level with their position tracking. Through this, you can input keywords (even those you may not be ranking for but want to rank for), track changes in your ranking positions, know how much traffic they are bringing in, know what URL they are associated with, and even categorize them with tags to help keep it all organized.

You can easily add and adjust these keywords at any time. And, as soon as the tracking starts, you can come back months later and look at historical data to know exactly how you have increased or decreased in the rankings.

Keyword Gap

semrush example

This picture may look like just a few circles, but in fact, it’s showing us some great data! This is a screenshot from the SEMrush Keyword Gap tool, and it does exactly what it sounds like – compares the keywords for different sites. You can view all keywords (shown above), similar keywords that helps with seeing how you rank compared to others, and unique keywords that showcase where you might be missing the mark.

This feature is amazing for competitor research as it helps you better visualize how your ranking keywords match up with others in the industry. This way, you can see where (and what) improvement can be made. Who knows, you may be missing a whole topic section that could drive traffic if utilized correctly!

It’s easy to see just how useful SEMrush can be for any company (big or small). These are just three out of multiple features that make understanding your site and competitors easier than ever. Feel free to take SEMrush for a spin and see how it helps you! All of this information seem a little overbearing (we know, it’s a lot to take in) contact the experts at Wave Interactive so we can help you change your site for the better.