- Wave Interactive

I’m excited to announce my recent activity in joining the team at Wave Interactive as the Vice President of Business Development. What the team at Wave has built over the last ten years is absolutely amazing, and I’m excited to continue building upon the foundation of great clients, work and momentum that’s in place.

I’ve spent the last several years of my life discovering, connecting and helping to build people’s ideas and stories – people who as I often say “are doing amazing work while flying under the radar”. I’m now a firm believer that Wave Interactive is also one of those exact companies with constant learners at its helm.

One of the many things that drew me to the team at Wave is their emphasis on building long term relationships — not only with each of their clients, but with each and every conversation they have in which they get to share more about their business.

As it’s spelled out clearly on our own “About” page:

“Our number one focus is to produce consistently exceptional work and build lasting relationships with our clients…We understand our role is to listen and to be of service to our clients…”

As I’ve found over the years, there’s a real and tangible value to listening first and proposing solutions (ideas,…) second.

I’m excited for what’s ahead, and encourage you to reach out at jeff@waveinteractive.com to find a time to connect with Skeet, Peggy and myself to learn more about the work and solutions we’re providing to clients around the country on a daily basis!