Reversing the “Culture of No”


New ideas and complex problems often require unique solutions. Implementation plans can sometimes be unsettling as they require a different or uncharted approach. Too often an initial response to implementing change will be a simple ‘NO’. Sure, ‘Yes!’ can also be dangerous if not properly thought through, however, ‘No’ guarantees failure. WAVE’s approach can help reverse this ‘No Culture’

One of the most satisfying parts of our job at WAVE is seeing positive results and breaking through the paralysis of ‘NO’.

Listen and fully understand the objectives/problem.
If our team doesn’t fully understand what needs to be accomplished, or misses critical building blocks along the way, we won’t be successful, in fact, we’ll most likely create more wreckage along the way. Listening and then asking questions is a critical first step to fully understanding both the objectives and the identified problem especially when creating or solving something complex that doesn’t have an off-the-shelf plug-and-play solution. Such projects could be making separate systems share data, a weak link in a conversion funnel, a speed optimization or perhaps a performance bottleneck.

Propose a plan of attack to reach a solution.
Once we have a full grasp of the objectives and problems as well as all the various stakeholders and systems at play, our system architects and engineers propose a plan of attack. Often, we’ll propose more than one way of meeting the objectives and solving the problem and lay out the potential pros and cons of each. Sometimes the solutions will come in phases as tackling too much too quick can cause paralysis at best and create new problems at worst.

Meet with stakeholders and tweak the plan
Buy-in is critical. With complex projects, usually there are multiple systems and stakeholders in play. For example, integrations within a conversion funnel often involve marketing, IT, analytics teams and many times third party vendors. Our team specializes in working with multiple stakeholders inside and outside of your walls simultaneously, taking into account security and performance, exposing and accessing only the minimum amount of necessary data to accomplish a task in a performant manner.

Work the plan: Implement and measure
Once everyone is on-board with the plan, we implement and test the solution. We’ll work with the analytics team to make sure that all the data is flowing outbound in order to measure success.

One of the most satisfying parts of our job at WAVE is seeing positive results and breaking through the paralysis of ‘NO’.