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WAVE Open House!

Thursday, September 15th • 4:30-7:30p.m. 12910 Pierce Street • Suite 220 (the new Sterling Ridge -map below) We moved this summer with the help of Tack Architects and Sterling Ridge. Stop by to celebrate with us!

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What’s Your “Hyperloop” Idea?

The Art of Thinking Big It seems that so often we get “heads down” in our day to day activities, work and nominal tasks that we lose sight of our ability to “think outside” of the barriers of what’s possible. The challenge is to use today as a reminder to push the barriers beyond what you think you can accomplish and strive to think… Read More

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Happy Holidays from WAVE Interactive!

We would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season! Each year we are humbled and amazed by the work we get to be a part of and are so very grateful to the many clients and vendors we work with. We wish you all a safe and happy new year!

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Come Ride the Wave

Wave Interactive is looking for a Senior Web Developer to join our growing team. You will be responsible for architecting, building and maintaining websites from specific design and functionality requirements. Applications are created on a variety of platforms including .NET, PHP, WordPress Magento. With our diverse client-base, Wave Interactive’s tight-knit team of engineers and designers work on a variety of ever-changing projects. Duties and… Read More

Autism Action Partnership – A New Beginning

Autism Action Partnership’s Mission is to improve the quality of life of persons on the Autism Spectrum and their families through education, advocacy and support, thereby enabling them to be an integral part of the community. Started by Gail Werner-Robertson and Scott Robertson in 2000 when they began the GWR Sunshine Foundation which evolved into the Autism Action Partnership in 2008.

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Reversing the “Culture of No”

New ideas and complex problems often require unique solutions. Implementation plans can sometimes be unsettling as they require a different or uncharted approach. Too often an initial response to implementing change will be a simple ‘NO’. Sure, ‘Yes!’ can also be dangerous if not properly thought through, however, ‘No’ guarantees failure. WAVE’s approach can help reverse this ‘No Culture’

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Changing Tides

I’m excited to announce my recent activity in joining the team at Wave Interactive as the Vice President of Business Development. What the team at Wave has built over the last ten years is absolutely amazing, and I’m excited to continue building upon the foundation of great clients, work and momentum that’s in place.


More often than not a website is about conversion. Conversion can mean many things depending on the site. It could be selling more products, getting more reservations or better educating your users. Regardless of your site’s goals, one of the best ways to improve performance it to make changes to your site and test those changes against an existing control.

Complex Integrations

Integrating various technologies, external third-party services, databases and system languages to run your business on the web is becoming more and more common. As companies mature technologically, they often require bringing together multiple technologies and vendors to complete a task online. Whether is it online e-commerce with inventory management, bill pay, call-center integration or ticketing, Wave Interactive has the engineering expertise to bring together… Read More

Strategic Planning

Your site design hasn’t changed in 3 years, but what you do has. How do you show your audience that you are current and relevant and that your site represents the growth and forward thinking of your company? You have a new logo, new colors. You have a new business objective. You want to take advantage of the latest online technology. Your site is… Read More