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Changing Tides

I’m excited to announce my recent activity in joining the team at Wave Interactive as the Vice President of Business Development. What the team at Wave has built over the last ten years is absolutely amazing, and I’m excited to continue building upon the foundation of great clients, work and momentum that’s in place.


More often than not a website is about conversion. Conversion can mean many things depending on the site. It could be selling more products, getting more reservations or better educating your users. Regardless of your site’s goals, one of the best ways to improve performance it to make changes to your site and test those changes against an existing control.

Complex Integrations

Integrating various technologies, external third-party services, databases and system languages to run your business on the web is becoming more and more common. As companies mature technologically, they often require bringing together multiple technologies and vendors to complete a task online. Whether is it online e-commerce with inventory management, bill pay, call-center integration or ticketing, Wave Interactive has the engineering expertise to bring together… Read More

Strategic Planning

Your site design hasn’t changed in 3 years, but what you do has. How do you show your audience that you are current and relevant and that your site represents the growth and forward thinking of your company? You have a new logo, new colors. You have a new business objective. You want to take advantage of the latest online technology. Your site is… Read More

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